Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thanks, Everyone!

I would just like to say, "Thanks", to everybody that made my Christmas special!


Monday, December 8, 2008

The Night Away From The Parents.

This past weekend, Mom and Dad went to Hot Springs for a Christmas party for Dad's work. While they were away Braydon and myself went to a friend's house for babysitting purposes. While we were there we had to attend a different church with them. We were walking into assembly hall and that day it happened to be time for the Lord's Supper. (Our normal church Braydon goes into the nursery, not into big church, so that is why this is unfamiliar territory.) Braydon is watching all of the little drinks and crackers pass by him and he told my Mom's friend that he wanted some. So, Mom's friend asked him if he liked grape juice and he slowly replies no in a sad mood, pushes his head forward and in a sweet little voice he says, "I wonder if there is any orange juice up there"?? My Mom's friend whooped with laughter and Braydon just simply says, "I just wanted some orange juice", with his head shaking from the misunderstood laughing.

David's Final Thought:

Braydon and his O.J.!!!

Our Dog Fargo And His Obsession With Barking. (December 1)

Story # 1

Our dog, Fargo, is currently at the kennel from our trip. When we dropped him off, there were two huge (I mean really, really big when I say huge) black labs. Well, here comes our six inch tall chihuahua thinking he is big stuff (let me tell you, this was very funny). Fargo gets a glimpse of those dogs and he starts barking, jumping around back and forth. (In this process Fargo is digging a hole from jumping and going crazy) Crazy dog!

Story # 2

(This is a story of Fargo being stinky) We were still living in Indiana at the time of this occurance and Dad had just come back from Taco Bell. We all sat down and Dad was about to chow down on a chili-cheese burrito when Fargo jumps up and grabs the whole burrito and runs off with burrito sauce flying, tortilla flapping in the wind, and Dad chasing him down. It took us a good while to catch him because we were all laughing so hard.

David's Final Thought:

Fargo is sooo stinky!

Chef Braydon. (November 14)

Recently, Braydon has been playing with pots and pans. (Not banging them together, actually pretending to cook) It's so cute. He thinks he is Ratatouille, the cooking rat from a movie. I'm actually getting a kick out of it. He'll walk around holding a ladle saying, "want some soup"?. He is cooking while I am writing this blog. Today is play group and he says he is going to take his ladle. He may even sleep with it, you never know with Braydon!

David's Final Thought:

Oh, Braydon.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Dentist.

Yesterday, I went to the dentist. No cavities, twelve years and counting with none! (go David, it's your birthday) I am so glad because I would rather not have anyone drill a hole in my head. I do have a short story about how badly a tooth extraction can feel.

Long ago, I was eating corn on the cob while my front tooth was loose. A piece of corn was shoved into my gum without my knowledge, of course. Later I discovered that the gum above my tooth was HUGE and secreting some sort of nastiness. Once I arrived at the dentist, he shoved a needle in my big bulge and numbed me for the tooth pulling about to occur. Then out came the pliers (just kidding). They were pulling and pulling and I remember screaming very loudly! I was actually screaming so desperately, I was even covering my ears.

This is a reason the dentist's office is not my happy place.

David's Final Thought:

Be careful with those corn husks, people!

Christmas Budget.

If you didn't read previous blog, I just was given a raise on my allowance. Now that I am making so much more, I am required to buy my own Christmas gifts. At first I thought, "cool, finally I can buy my own gifts", but then I realized, "wait, that is a lot of things to buy". So, I have to budget my money carefully so I do not overspend on any one person. (which is really hard for me because money usually burns a hole in my pocket) By Christmas, I will have about sixteen dollars to spend on each person. (remember this is my first time saving for Christmas, so I will not be able to spend as much on everyone)

David's Final Thoughts:

I may have to start cutting the grass to make more. (Yeesh, what I will do for kinfolk)

Things Going On In The Smith Household.

First of all, we have work, work, and more work to do. We have to get ready for the next nine weeks in school, then we have to take down Halloween decorations. We are just a mess! In addition, Mom is sick today, so I have to try to take care of her, which I really don't mind because she is always there for me, so why shouldn't I be there for her?? ( I always should)

OH YEAH! Dad gave me a raise on my allowance. Now, instead of $0.25 a day I am up to $1.00 a day. Isn't that just great!! I do not get allowance on Sundays, so I get six bucks weekly. I am required to give an offering on Sundays, though.

David's Final Thoughts:

Thanks, Dad!